dont loose the human touch

Posted by Aman Nagdev
November 11, 2017

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One day I went to the restaurant  with my family. It was quiet and peaceful.  It was going great till the time restaurant’s  wi fi stopped working and everyone including us started to look at each other instead of their phones. It became awkward for a while then suddenly everybody started to talk to each other with real words and emotions and not emojis.  So my family started talking too and soon enough the quietness in the place turns into voices, laughter and technology was put at rest. I got to know about my kids life, hobbies and issues they are facing in their school. So as today’s kids do not know how to handle real life situation and looks for the answer in GOOGLE. They liked the old school methods which always works  and started to like me more and since then they have any issues they directly come to me and talk  about it. My wife who is always busy in kids and her job it was the best time to appreciate her hard work and tell her it is not overlooked so I have already ordered flowers and cake for her without any occasion because you don’t need an occasion to tell your loved ones that you love them . After watching all this my wife was smiling her heart out not the one which she uses on her mobile but a real one  with tears of joy in her eyes as she loved that we do see how hard she works and as internet was down my kids joined me in this surprise and appreciated their mother’s efforts in daily life. As I looked around people were smiling, having fun, Couples holding each other’s hand and talking to each other gazing into each other’s eyes like old times. I understand technology has helped us a lot to be connected with each other but we have to understand that it helps us to connect with each other when we are apart not when we can see each other because when you are feeling low the warmth a hug from your loved one can give you, you cannot get it from a message with emojis. Don’t let machine take over and do not loose the human touch because it is tearing us apart from each other and our feelings. It is rightly said somewhere that today’s generation are dumb people with smart phones as they can find answers to every problem  through google but they do not understand how to apply them with people in real life.

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