Dost Mitra or Sakha..

Posted by Harshit Bhasin
November 19, 2017

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Everyone was very silence this was pin drop silence sound…

I seat on front row and one thick long boy knowk the door and asked may I coming sir whole class was shocked his name is Rahul…

And another day I sow some more hulchal in class I was feeling that should be nice in MBA class but everyone want to enjoy they don’t want to more study but some of group was very interesting they want study and enjoy together I Harshit Bhasin I am same of among of them be a Punjabi make new friends is cup of tea for me..

One boy continuesly give ur hand and say hi dost I was giving response positive but one day I have ignored him.

But he was friend of Rahul and Rahul love debate with teacher and always asking questions that is attractive for me also…

We both are same after some day we make in very good friendship this is call….. Dost Mitra or Sakha….. (Rahul got death on 3/12/2016)

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