Posted by Pulkit Ramdiya
November 15, 2017

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I woke up with a dream

Nicer than real did it seem


I was mesmerized, stunned and beguile

And the reason was her lit up smile


It was a rooftop or garden, for all I care

But the night was resembling her dusky hair


She looked at me from the corner of her eye

And my heart jumped 7 heavens high


I somehow managed to take steps as we came near

The chill in the night’s air started to wear


We stood close as I somehow rose my hands

Cupped her face, fingers in her hair strands


Her eyes had all the words and also serenity

For I can live watching them shine for all the eternity


The mischievous wind blew her hair, disturbing my view

I moved it to back of ear, for each moment was priceless and new


I wanted to tell her, everything I felt

But this epitome of joy, I wasn’t prepared to dealt


I had a book full of thoughts to express and blabber

But a foolish smile was all I could gather


I pulled her close with a light jolt

My heart was racing faster than bolt


With closed eyes, smile on her lips and she leaned to me

I leaned in getting the signal, and heart skipped a beat with glee


I could feel her warm breathes on lips mine

She looked an angle, her smell divine


Just as I was about to taste her lips

The satan alarm gave me waking up creeps


And there was I awake cursing the clock and the time

For I had lost so much just in one second’s dime


But the beautiful dream made my day

I had experienced something the word couldn’t say



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