Enjoy Life without Anxiety

Posted by Kalpana Shah
November 6, 2017

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There is no point in our life when we have not felt our time come to  halt. which has come to a “stand still.”
If we feel it is…then it’s our surface perception. Inwardly, core of our being has transcended into another phase.A moment has passed, A second has skipped, our thoughts left us, movements of our body changed, skin aged by second, wind touched us and speeded to next distance. Earth revolved by second. In this way there have been mounting changes in our life so the concept of the life coming to standstill is baseless.

Actually, it’s the superficial perception we believe forgetting depth of the movement happening every moment. It is the bad phase or good phase, facing problems of lighter or higher gravity depending on the strength of our mind deciding wether we are facing stand still moment and how rapidly or slowly we want are time to move. When we are in sorrow we find time come to speed up, When we have any best occasion we were waiting impatiently for, in that moment too we want time to pass soon as possible and not move or stand still for a fraction of second.

In these moments we forget we are just observing and keeping a watch on our surface experiences, we skip the inner movement and if we turn our mind to the movements taking place we will automatically gain patience and find the time moving and our anxiety level depleting. This can also help us in living a matured life, enjoying every moment of our being.

This i am saying because often we are facing such situation in our life.
In the moment of anxiety we lose our focus, we are frustrated and just as the moment occurs whole energy of ours is converted to lesser enthusiasm. Just as the moment arrive we are in no mood to welcome. Bring your anxiety and your restlessness on stand still instead of moments

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