Posted by Sweet Shristy
November 21, 2017

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The darkness out in cold winter night,
No star shines like my love so bright.
Soo desolate and distant you are,
I anticipate you smoking my cigar.
Feelings reflects in my autumn eyes,
Quench my thirst before the night dies.
Behind the darkest clouds my love hides,
The sea shrugged calming the mighty tides.
A howl echoes throughout the silence,
Expressing my feelings and allegiance.
In the darkest shade, I spend my life,
Awaiting like always even after you strife.
You didn’t wane but my fortune did,
My love is not something you can bid.
Only now you came to me so near,
But you had no time to listen my fear.
Your aura still shines brighter than the star,
Confessing your love as you shines afar.
Your body etched in my cartilage ring,
Now hear my moan as your lover sing.
You are my moon illuminating the sky,
I’m the wolf longing for you before I die.

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