Examination Hall

Posted by Ritama Mukherjee
November 12, 2017

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Everyone says”Honesty is the best policy”.But this policy is never enculpated in ones day to day life.For example the examination hall-a place which is specially designed to check ones capabilities; but if thought in a deeper way then it will be revealed that this is also a place designed to check ones moral values.

Their are a few quotes which are much appreciated by people all around but in practical life they are never used.One of those quotes are “It is far more honourable to fail than to cheat”

In an examination hall their are seates for people with different capabilities and discapabilities but the chaos is created when all these people try to achieve things which all of them are not capable of getting.This is not an inborn mentality among students their thought processes are moulded by their elders in such a way that they are blind folded from their intuitions.For their elders the only thing that matters are the few grades printed on a piece of paper.A child cheating and passing is much appreciated than a child failing without cheating.Nobody respects knowledge and intelligence everyone respects marks and status.

This dishonesty is not only restricted to the examination hall it is carried forward by the youths to the world outside the four boundaries as well.The responsibility to shape the younger generation is upon the oder generation. Crimes will be less,world will be a better place to live in if people are taught to be honest to themselves

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