Explore the Heritage of India by Embarking On This Particular Journey

Posted by Dipali Verma
November 20, 2017

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Are you smitten by the rich cultural heritage of India? Up until the 18th Century, Hindustan (Another name for India) used to be the bee-hive of gem stones including diamonds and palatial palaces. Today, India is a leading sub-continent making remarkable achievements in all spheres of modern Economy. The jeweled country has always reserved its special place and charm in World History.

You will now be having a detailed overview on the itinerary of the travel package:

Heritage of India

The package is ideally named ‘Heritage of India’. This particular package is also named Maharaja Express Jodhpur as it covers the magnificent city, as a part of the tour itinerary. It is one of the deluxe packages offered by the royal train. The journey kick starts at Mumbai, which is the financial capital of the country. The royal brigade then crisscrosses through exquisitely carved Ajanta and Ellora caves. You will have a magnificent glance at the palatial forts of Ajanta. You can witness the huge Palaces of Rajasthan, in all their glory. You can have a complete view on how Maharajas lived their life, filled with aura, splendor and grandeur.

You then head towards the connoisseur of love- none other than Taj Mahal. These are the exotic locales you explore, through the Heritage of India tour.

Highlights of the trip

The Maharaja Express Jodhpur is a trip worth remembering, an entire life-time. This is a 7 Nights 8 days trip that covers the jewel spots of India, in a resplendent way. You can indulge all your six senses into cultural immersion. A travel guide explains the intricate details of each and every aspect of the travel spot, which you plan covering, all through the day. During the local sight-seeing trips, you go to an era that has never been known to you.

The era where the royal princes and majestic rulers lived the life of a king. You rejoice the experience of savoring some of the choicest wines and exotic cocktails amid sand-dunes. You can experience joyful elephant rides. You enjoy a sprawling bon fire event along with other travel companions of yours. You then go on, to enjoy a blissful shopping experience. You can shop for incense sticks, artefacts, wooden dolls, glass items and trendy Jaipur dresses.

Certain guidelines that are to be kept track of

You might be anticipating a great journey aboard. Before you get into the royal train maharajas you need to keep a track of certain guidelines. Following up with these, make sure you have a lovely journey ahead.

  1. If you are boarding the Maharaja Express in lieu of your respective tour, you will need to arrive at the Mumbai Chatrpati Shivaji Terminus at least an hour before the commencement of the journey.
  2. You will have to duly complete your pre-boarding formalities. International tourists are requested to hand over copies of the Visa documents. They will also need to hand over valid passports of their respective countries.
  3. You will have to produce travel vouchers and documents including your departure tickets. This needs to be done, at least 14 days before the commencement of your journey.

Complete tour package

You will enjoy the most splendid form of travel at the Maharaja Express Jodhpur trains. You will have access to a well-stocked bar, lounge room, spacious restaurants and lot more. You will have the itinerary details mentioned on your travel document. Kindly have soft copies of the same. In case you have a spa session or a privately arranged shopping tour, forming a part of the tour, you can make a use of it, to your advantage.

In case the travel guide wants you to spend 50 minutes at a particular museum or fort, make sure you reach your cabins on time. It is better you reach your train within 40-45 minutes so that you do not miss your train.

A complete overview on the tour package, highlights of the magnificent journey, guidelines that need to be followed before commencement of your journey and lot more, cover a part of this particular segment.

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