Don’t Be On Facebook, Twitter, Or Instagram At The Cost Of ‘Real Life’

Posted by Kanan Parmar
November 14, 2017

Hello humans! Hello humans on social networking sites, to be specific.

Your social media account is your new drug, I guess and you seem to be quite addicted.

Oh humans!

It was quite important that you showered your love on Facebook to support the Paris attack victims. But guess what, changing your profile pictures didn’t solve it all.

Oh humans!

Well, I just saw the picture that you uploaded when you visited an orphanage. I see you donated a lot of winter clothes. But on your way back home, did you not notice that 6-year-old wandering and shivering on the roads selling coloring books?

Oh humans!

Your Instagram story – what restaurant was that? The meal looked delicious. But do you ever realise that another kid is gonna go hungry to bed and also your story or statuses won’t feed that kid?

Oh humans!

You share some extremely motivational and inspirational quotes on WhatsApp and on your Facebook walls. But just question yourself how much positivity you have brought into your lives.

Oh humans!

I ‘love-reacted’ the morning selfie you posted and then liked the afternoon selfie with that classy caption on Instagram you uploaded. I do that everyday. I don’t have any issues with your posts, but are you posting to count the likes and comments, to seek approval and to validate yourself?

Oh humans!

Going with the trend on Twitter? Yeah, me too! Just tweeted #JusticeForNirbhaya. It took me two years to realise that it wasn’t my tweet that brought justice to her.

Hello human! Dear social media gods, to be specific. Before social media, my world used to huge. But now my world tour is all about moving from one app to another – Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram. Now my world is tiny and flat.

Dear social media gods, people adore you when you are online. You are labelled a social butterfly. But question yourself – how social are you in real life? Do you ever realise that Twitter has taught you to shorten your thoughts to 140 characters, because who would be interested in reading any further!

Well social media, here I tell you I am obsessed with you. Can’t live without you. In spite of the stress you give me, I am impressed by you! In this world of socialising and social media, there can only be one god. And that one does not share, comment, like or retweet.

Take some time, log out of your accounts, and you’ll find something unbelievable in front of you – LIFE.

Featured image source: Wikimedia Commons