Fading bond?

Posted by Bikesh Gupta
November 21, 2017

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Having me for 9 months in your womb

Taking my kicks and punches on your own

Taking the pain of life all at once

Without giving a second thought why?

Making me the Part of your own

Feeding me inside even if you don’t

Facing all the problems alone like a soldier

With all the worries around but facing me with a smile

You were such an actor showing characters of various

And whenever I said I don’t want to eat

You always come up with a plan B

Naming the bites with different birds

You knew how to feed your baby boy

Whenever I have a problem you knew without saying a word

Don’t you?

Your hug was all to let my worries go away

You know how to make me smile taking me to the fairy land

And showing me the castle where I was the prince loving a beautiful princess

I was all shy

Taking me to school was a hard deal

But you end up cracking it

You taught me how to bribe

2 candy bar was enough for me

And in the fast moving world my innocence lost somewhere

And one day I realize all our bonds has a faded away with time

Now I don’t wait eagerly to listen to your stories

Neither have I shared my worries

Now I don’t tell you to make pakori and halwa as I am mesmerize with pizza

Thinking about my so called problems

Which I thought was all

I forgot to ask you

How your day was?




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