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Family-Love- Honour

Posted by Beena Lal
November 16, 2017

There was some news a few months ago, a news normally I’d have glanced at once and probably might have said,’so sad’ and then forget.

This one no longer remained just another news piece, as it happened to someone I knew well.
Face to face with something that I thought until then, happened only in movies or some other remote places, I was quite shattered. A young, vibrant and an ever so ready to help others young man in his 20s, was brutally murdered in daylight, in front of his own mother, wife and his sister’s daughter, who is barely ten-years-old.

He was born and brought up in Jaipur, and married the love of his life who happened to be a girl from the local community. The morning of the fateful day, the wife’s family came to visit them since she was pregnant. He greeted them happily. However, things became ugly when the family tried to take his wife along with them by force.

Within minutes what happened was, unbelievable.

Someone came from outside and shot him point blank. This cold-blooded murder was supposed to be in the name of family honour. My question is, a mother who is supposed to be the fierce protector of her children – how could she turn herself into an enemy to her daughter and shatter her life?

All this for the sake of the family . The story will remain fresh forever and will be passed down from generation to generation so that not another soul could dare to even take such a step of getting married to the one they love.

What actually motivates such cruel actions ? Definitely not love.

I don’t think this girl wanted to be born in this family for any given reason. No child was born , because that child wanted to be born in to a particular parent, or house. We bring the children mostly in to this world by choice, sometimes accidental.
What right do we have over the children whom we bring in to this world? Who gives us the right to control them, demanding that they walk in the path we’d choose for them?

We often forgets the truth that our children have a heart, a brain and are often capable of thinking for themselves. We think we are the omnipotent. We have the power to control the lives of our offsprings.

But with such brutal, barbaric actions what do people acheive? No daughter will accept their reasoning, that by taking the life of her husband’s the family is actually safeguarding the family’s name.

For once, try changing your selfish egoistic actions. Let your children live happily the way they want. Don’t help them if you don’t want to. But please stop this unmerciful actions against your own blood and flesh. It’s not worth it.
The government should give a maximum punishment for these culprits. No mercy should be shown when dealing with such murderers.

Let there be tolerance instead of violence.