Fear Of Engineering Mathematics-1

Posted by Akhil Ram
November 23, 2017

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It was dark I seemed to be in an isolated room. Something is making me scary. There is a lot of noise coming infornt of me but I’m not aware of the noise. I want to know what is it. Slowly I’m concentrating on the sound it is little bit far of me. So I decided to go near. I’m trying to reach the voice as near as I can. Finally I reached it was a room one tall fellow is standing near the entrance behind that fellow a black background is present. The fellow seems to be so angry he resemble like a angry lion chasing the deer. Infornt of him there are many pupils they seems like deers in everyone’s eyes there seems be a fear of facing him like deer fear about the lion which is going to kill him. Suddenly a force has hit on my face I suddenly woke up it was engineering mathematics class and the fellow is our faculty and the rest of the people’s are my classmates I recognised that I was dreaming about mathematics class it was the hardest subject in engineering

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