Feel beautiful

Posted by Arunima Bajaj
November 19, 2017

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Everyone has faced certain body image  issues at some point and those who don’t , exceptions are always there. I too have had the phase of not breathing comfortably in my own skin and for me that’s the worst one can feel/experience.

 A part of it was when, as a kid , I used to like tracing the lines that were whiter than the skin tone or maybe even romanticised them as a sign of beauty and thought that people with no Stretch Marks are less beautiful. But misconceptions are short-lived as one day my mum pointed out that I have a problem and needs to be fixed. Initially, I did counter argue but at the end was convinced that I had to get rid of these stretch marks.

I had always felt that I was not like other people, you know, pretty, slim blah blah but this was one thing I kinda liked about myself which, eventually, was taken away because I hated those lines on my body after that incident. Much before this revelation , I believed that fat people are to be made fun of and me belonging to the same category was subjected to body shaming.

Things are different now . I do not let that bother me entirely. It has taken alot from me to love this body and that love is not enough what your being,  a body actually deserves.I still have my doubts regarding my body at times but i am not that conscious anymore.

And i have come to terms that I am beautiful.

I feel beautiful.

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