Found and Lost

Posted by Anoushka Dasgupta
November 13, 2017

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Lost boy
Drifting along the street,
A solitary leaf in the autumn breeze
Carrying with him the bittersweet dreams
Of another year gone by, leaving him
Still waiting and watching,
For what, he knew not,
But he’s sure he’ll find it,
Find his way back home.

Lost girl
Has hope burning bright in her eyes,
Holding out her delicate arms
To catch every shooting star
With a hundred wishes on them
Searching and scouring,
For one which called her name
From a million miles away,
Waiting and watching
To find a way to her lost boy.

Lost girl finds her name
On lost boy’s lips.
Lost boy finds himself
In lost girl’s eyes.
They lose themselves
Trying to melt into each other,
Like a jigsaw puzzle being completed
With her every soft curve
Fitting into his jagged grooves
And smoothening them.

But they were just lost stars,
Nothing but fingerprints on a glass window,
With time smudging away the fine details
Of the boy’s mellow smile
And the girl’s excited laugh.
Of the boy’s wide arms
Catching the girl when she falters while flying
On the wings of her hopes and desires.
Of the girl’s soft eyes
Holding the strength of the boy’s dreams.
Of her trying her best to keep up
While he chased his dreams.

But he ran too fast.
She cut herself trying to chase him,
Falling over pieces of himself he was forgetting behind.
He heard her call out to him and turned,
But lost sight of her
And all those parts he had left behind.
He finally tried to stop and return,
But couldn’t find the traces of their fingerprints
On the fragile glass of life.
Time had wiped them all away,
Leaving lost boy and girl lost again.


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