Four Golden Rules of better life

Posted by Zuhair Zaidi
November 26, 2017

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In our country, it is believed that Media is the third pillar of democracy. But to some extent, it is observable that there are many journalists who are disrespecting media laws and ethics. Everyone follow some great people in their life. But at the same time, they forget and ignores the bad traits and characteristics of their so-called idols. So here, a common man is at a platform where he’s not having anyone who can listen to his demands and complaints. The question that arises here is that what are the protocols that a common man should follow in order to sustain a happy life in India.

  1. Never criticize your government 

It is a general notion in our country that anyone who criticizes his or her nation doesn’t deserve to live here. If people were criticizing Bhartiya Janta Party, they were considered anti-nationals by media. And that’s how our media is dominating and imposing their thoughts and exploiting the mindsets of our country, and other news channels which are trying to do unbiased journalism are boycotted by the people.


2. Never get into depth of any news

Generally people try to study news deeply, and unfortunately, when thoughts are against their views, they get disappointed. It is common that we try to ignore things that we don’t like, and it’s a proven boon for our soul. The one who realizes or thinks a lot suffers the most in this society.

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3. Don’t Judge people by their communication skills

We often get convinced by any person who speaks well but forgets the fact that ” more publicity, more popularity”. The one who’ll spread negativity will eventually attract more audience and viewers. Journalists and TV anchors like Sudhir Chaudhary, Arnab Goswami and Rohit Sardana are people who are often admired for their communication skills, but unfortunately, they are proven hatemongers in our country.

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4. Don’t talk about religion

People who criticize religion are actually the ones who were never been able to understand it. If you’ll talk badly about someone’s religion, you should have some patience to listen as well. As usual, Politicians are trying to split people into groups on basis of religions and political views and media is proved to be a helping hand to them. The real essence of Journalism cannot be found anywhere in our country, news anchors are paid agents of political parties. Some are funded by Bhartiya Janta Party, some by Congress and others are doing publicity stunts to get into the limelight.

The question that arises is that Why we should hate people on basis of their views? The basic rule for a better life in our country is “ Listen to everyone, and do what your mind says? You don’t have to follow any person or a group to be a patriot. So, Analyse everything and then decide.

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