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November 19, 2017
Editor's note: This post is a part of #BHL, a campaign by BBC Media Action and Youth Ki Awaaz to redefine and own the label of what a 'bigda hua ladka or ladki' really is. If you believe in making your own choices and smashing this stereotype, share your story.

You are a girl. Talk gently. Don’t use abusive language. Don’t wear short dresses. Walk like a girl. Sit like a girl. Don’t have more guy friends.“- And the norms just won’t end.

These are the boundaries created by our society. Every girl needs to follow the set of rules made by the society just to convince them that she comes from a good background. Every second a girl is judged, and it takes just a few moments to decide the character of a girl based merely on some baseless points. For example, her dressing, whether she drinks alcohol, the way she talks, number of guy friends she has,

And it’s a never-ending process.

The factors mentioned above are a girls choice. Firstly a girl is a human too. She has every right to lead her life the way she wants. I really don’t understand why a girl is always expected to compromise on her dreams and aspirations throughout her life. She is tied up all the time, surrounded by the walls of despair.

She can’t be independent. She can’t have an opinion of her own. At night when she returns, all stare at her, desperately. She cant wear the dresses she wants to wear. It’s the place and people who will decide her dressing. She’s judged by her past, the wrong decisions she took, and it takes some milliseconds to portrait her character. She’s too a human, she is allowed to make mistakes like others.

How can people make her a puppet? How can they keep her captive.? Why she’s not got the freedom to think, the freedom to choose, the freedom to express, the freedom to fly!?

She has got many roles to play, many responsibilities to take, many hardships to overcome and many battles to win.

So, to all my girlfriend’s out there.
Be brave, be unstoppable. Listen to your heart, break the boundaries and set a new level for all.
And lastly, be proud of who you are.

With lots of love

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