Posted by Payal Malik
November 28, 2017

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Friendship… A very beautiful relation in anyone’s life.

Friendship in today’s world has become merely a word. People seldom know about what friendship is.
This is for the closest strangers .
Goodbyes are hard, it’s really hard to let go people you love , the people who matters in your life,
Sometimes we want to run back to the things which hurt us the most but we can’t. Life has many ups and downs n this is what makes life interesting. Without any ups and downs our life will be boring. Imagine doing itenary things you would get bored after sometime so as in life if we keep repeating the same things it would b lame and banal.
I want all my friends back in my life but I also know that is not possible even though I try my best but sometimes letting go is the best thing you can do.  Don’t be sad about the people you lose , the things which slipped away. Sometimes letting people step out of your life is not a loss but is a gain, you get to realize your own worth. So don’t be sad for what you don’t have but be happy for the things for the people who are still there ,who stick around you no matter what happens, who won’t blame you for anything or everything. Be happy and Be you…
Thank you…

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