From angel’s diary

Posted by Krishna Kant
November 15, 2017

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On that day, nobody was willing to leave heaven just for a task. So it all came on voting.At the reliance of God’s coordinators, I was selected to be scorned of heaven that day.Oratory of Lord Shiva seemed to be obscure for my petition to stay there.
On the very next day,I was at that new budding project planet whose name they pronounced as “Prithvi”.
But after reaching there I thought I was pranked because Prithvi totally resembled to the heaven ! A lot of greenery,rivers,aroma of peaceful kingdom without any vice ! I thought I was still in heaven untill I was subjected to the directing insinuation of Shiva for my task.I was quite happy for landing on heaven after flying from heaven. I started my task in full throttle as it was a paradise except any hypocrite coordinators of God. I gave my best as per my experience which continued to remain same untill I casted the masterpiece of Shiva’s project-THE HUMANS.Humans were the worst mistake of God’s plan which was mounted on my head as “Gods are free of flaws”, they say !
Every coming single day,humans betrayed God’s will in their own accent of intrusion and continued to maul the supreme desire of Lord Shiva.
On my complain,lord Shiva just laughed in his megalomaniac perception and considered the unhuman behaviour of humans as a childish contour.
To be honest,God’s plan clearly stated that humans were supposed to be given the charge of Prithvi when they were capable for it in numbers.To not to betray God, I surrendered all my unbiased authority to them.But I confirmed and reminded them about the mistakes they were continuously repeating in the ego of being supreme creature of Prithvi. I told them,”Humanity is going far away from humans, to be a man of history you are deploying your manhood to serve the war-witch of future.She will entice you to give birth a winner for you but she will exactly not do so rather she will murder all the mortal infants of humanity”. At their silence I expressed my sorry to mother nature and then I departed.
That day was celebrated as the day of independence among humans.They first changed their priorities and gradually transformed their heaven to just a planet !
I kept visiting Prithvi to take my project report time to time.At my last visit in this ‘Kalyuga’, when they have had forgotten me completely, they impersonated me to that of their biggest threat-‘aliens’.
History of aliens is somehow shameful for humans ! A major rift is that when I was introducing Prithvi with humans,one of my kind was ascending on his project of aliens on the other planet as per the instructions of lord Shiva.On the ground of performances of our creatures and in contrast of final decision from coordinators of God,I failed! I failed miserably. I know that I failed exactly where humans failed at humanity !

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