Fun and Frolic Kerala Trip to the World’s First Agricultural Theme Park, Mango Meadows

Posted by muhammed rashid
November 20, 2017

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About 28 kilometers from Kottayam, Kerala located at Kadathuruthy, Mango meadows is the world’s first Agricultural theme park and this great venture is the brainchild of NRI couples, Mrs. & Mr. Kurian whose vision was to earn money or income by providing entertainment with the use of eco-friendly measures of nurturing nature.

This successful mammoth project was inaugurated on 23 rd April 2016 with the aim of mesmerizing visitors with true and the real feel of nature and its diversities. With the just cheap price, one can see the mango meadows in full. Kerala trip usually takes one of the various attractions with varied feel and adventure. A visit to Mango meadows can meet the requirement of all who seek a varied level of excitement. The park offers a wide range of facilities for pleasure, entertainment, fun, health care, education, research and lodging. With a very minimum budget, visitors can have a complete fun cum educative tour in this agricultural them park. For this reason, cheap Kerala tour packages in future will soon include Mango meadows on the list. Take a tour around the 30 acres land where one can find 10 percent organic farms with over 300 varieties of fruits and vegetables. Kurian’s dream to make everyone one with nature and understand its significance to protect it is clearly depicted at each attraction. It doesn’t cost a big amount for visiting the park. Return with a sack full of knowledge on nature, organic farming and biodiversity.

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The motive behind this project is to provide facilities and activities aiming to support farmers and at the same time promoting sales of agricultural products. This is evident as it is serving as a venue for selling the producers of farmers using traditional farming techniques. Visitors can at the same time learn and practice the organic method of raising crops with traditional practices. The result is seen in the form of presence of 300 varieties of fruits, vegetables, more than 4500 species of plants.

The medicinal plants alone will have a number of 1900, 650 species of climbers and 700 species of flowering plants. Visitors can indulge in farming, farm-related activities and impart the knowledge of producing value-added products from agricultural products.

Another catching aspect of the farm is that it houses the world’s tallest statue of Lord Parashurama having a height of 25 feet. The agricultural farms are the main attraction of this park and this venture is an effort to promote the traditional system of farming and encouraging farmers to produce varieties with natural techniques and sell it in a good market. Once you enter the presence of huge trees with almost 700 species variety is really interesting and each one is mentioned with its name.

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The park is not just about farms and agriculture but for the visitors arriving, the park offers various facilities and services. The wedding function, reception, business meetings, get together can be conducted at the convention center working inside the park where accommodations for the guests are also offered. International restaurants inside the park have multi-cuisine dishes but this seeking a traditional Kerala food, then the traditional food house provides the best traditional Kerala style food. On your vacation, if one wishes to take good health care then no need to go outside in search of other resorts. Ayurveda health care unit is working inside the park along with a gym. Entertainment and sports centers are prevalent with all types of entertainment like music shows, dance shows. Sports items like badminton, table tennis can be played. If fitness is what you long and if the park provides an excellent ambiance for walking and jogging, then people near to the park can give their names in the walking club where being a member, one can attend regular walking and below 18 will be having a guide. While you walk, focus your attention towards the beauty of the Mango meadows. Now here comes the question, what are the attractions that are incorporated into the park for the guests to enjoy?

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The attractions are as follows

Herbal garden – If you are a botanist, then you will definitely be able to spot the plant species in the garden. This is an excellent opportunity to see this much variety of trees, shrubs, herbs and climber. Try to tell the names of some of them.

Bird sanctuary – We all love to see birds where some of them are cute enough to come to us. In mango meadows, resident birds, domestic birds and migratory birds are present.

Animal Husbandry – The Park nurtures some of the domestic animals along with its breeding, feeding and caring. Both kids, adults love the presence of these domestic animals like cow, goat, rabbit, duck and emu. While you tour hill stations, you can see many wild animals but not able to touch or feed or play with them. Visiting the animal husbandry park in mango meadows can fulfill it with the presence of some innocent creatures.

Nakshatrakavala– There is a correlation between each tress and the Hindu birth stars. Everyone is interested to find out their tree associated with the constellation of their birth star in Hindu astrology. A unique way of idea and it reveals the relationship between the humans and green trees in nature. It is our duty to conserve those trees which are related to our birth star.

Marine Aquarium– The park gives immense importance to the nurturing of fishes and some marine species. There is a big pool in the park where one can feed the fishes. A variety of fishes are found and fishing is the most interesting activity in the mango meadows. The restaurants inside the park use these freshly fed fishes.

Apart from these attractions, there are several activities that can be done in this park which is entertaining enough and they are

Boating – The mango meadows are situated amidst the picturesque land of Kottayam and there is a beautiful water world nearby and to make the visitors enjoy and revel in adventure, boating services are provided. Smaller boats, pedal boats will lead the guests to the inner lake. Canoes are present to take to to the lagoon between the cottages and to show the landscapes. People of all age can participate in it and thus boating facility is extended to water bus, electric boats, pedal boats and solar boats. Boating is usually included in any Kerala trip as the water world in Kerala is famous of which the houseboat rides are the popular ones. Enjoy the outer skirts of the park by boating.

Horse Riding – Ever dreamt of riding a horse? Then, fulfill the dream at this park and ride the horse to the open fields through wooded trails and see how farming is done. Ultimate greenery and fun will be the outcome of this horse ride and can be conducted by group rides or even a romantic one too.

Swimming- A large outdoor pool is provided for the guests to enjoy the cool of the pristine water in the park and the pool is not deep and is suitable even for children. The ambiance surrounding the pool is beautiful and perfect for a click. 

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Mango meadows is really a wonder and respect nature at every pace of its development. Construction of almost 50 cottages is on its way and is done without making nature spoil. One will be surprised to know that the electricity used is clean enough and is not degrading the environment.

It is a self-sufficient park with 10000 Watts of solar and wind plant thus utilizing fresh and free electricity. All the food items prepared are with the organically raised crops.

Even the soap, perfumes, toothbrushes, bamboo sheets supplied to the guests is made using natural resources that are made available from the park itself. More focus is given to the method of organic farming and aims to teach the guests with best farming techniques like the use of bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides and crop rotation technique. Mango meadows park visit is the best and cheapest way to conduct a Kerala tour and is fruitful and educative enough. Keralities can take pride in housing the world’s first agricultural farm.

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