Glimpse of her

Posted by Pritish Singh
November 14, 2017

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Oh.. finally I saw you. Really unexpected and unpredictable like storm but you are not storm. 😉 <3
You boarded in the same coach of metro. You are still as adorable as rain. You are as attractive as dancing peacock. You looks more colorful than Rainbow🌈. And I was feeling like watching the dance of a peacock and Rainbow together. Felt trapped all over again. 😀 <3
I tried hard to not make eye contacts but is it possible..? Never 😀 😉 How can I keep my eyes off. <3

Ohh God! What i noticed, you were not who was with me 2 years before.
Your arms twisted with someone else, may be better than mine. That’s why he is with you.
You was smiling. Your Smile is as always cute and sweet but it was hurting me..why?
I realized in fraction of seconds. Yeah coz that smile was a slap on my face. Yeah that smile was in response of my pure feelings. Yeah coz that smile was smile whose reason is someone else.

Ohh God! Why I am complaining. What’s wrong in changing of someone.
Ohh Common! She is not someone.. she has still special place in your heart”, heart replied me quickly. Seems like my heart was also in mood to troll me. Making me doubt my own heart..Hooh. -_-

Again my silly mind starts thinking..”earlier I am the one who felt like being in heaven by looking her smile and I am the one who can die for her smile, then what had happened today? What ? Can u explain Mister thinker”, mind teased me. Making me puzzled.

“Everyone changes one day. Its the rule of nature.” An old man sitting beside me was talking on phone. It was like he is talking to me. I thanked God for solving the enigmatic situation of my mind. I realized the one who was complaining about changing in her has changed also. “#stop_complaining #move_on”, mind and heart told like chorus.

Metro reached my destination and I got down. Again watching her going away again and again. Again my heart and my mind starts scuffle.
Again I found myself at the same place.. puzzled and messy as always. <3

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