Good and Bad Side of traditions

Posted by Abhisek Nayak
November 10, 2017

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Let us start with a simple definition of tradition. Tradition is defined as a belief, principle, or way of acting that people in a particular society or group have continued to follow for a long time.

There are many traditions all over the world and they have their own ways to be followed. ‘Celebrating festivals’, doing some charitable works for a long time or from previous generations, superstitions, etc. are some good examples of traditions.

Let us start with the traditions of ‘Celebrating festivals’. There are different types of festivals in different seasons, different countries, and different religions. And except all these, we can also take our birthday as a festival, so, it can also be taken as a tradition, the tradition of celebrating the day when we were born. Every year, we wait for our birthday, on which we can have fun in our ways, some of those ways may be partying with our friends and family, going for a trip with our family or friends or both, having delicious food with our closed ones, etc.


The most famous tradition and celebrated tradition in the world is the New Year’s celebration. On 31st December, we all wait for the clock to tick on 12 and then the sounds and colorful lights of crackers, music, and dance everywhere. On this occasion, nobody cares about anything but just enjoy which is the specialty of this occasion.

Now, let us talk about traditions which are known as family traditions. There are different types of family traditions. One of those family traditions is the tradition of studying in a particular university, country or stream (Science, commerce, etc.). Another type of family tradition is the tradition of choosing the same profession from generation to generation. Do you think, these traditions are fair for everyone? Following these traditions would be fair if a person has no problem following it if a person does not like to follow it, then he or she should not be forced to follow it. He or she should not be emotionally blackmailed to do so as it can make him or her a victim of stress.


There is another bad tradition of dowry system which is still taking its breath. It is mostly found in south Asian countries, mostly in villages. Let us think how this tradition of dowry system might have started. Now, I am going to say, how I think, it might have started. The family of the bride might have gifted something, maybe money. As we all know, most of the people in the world are great at copying. So, after the first incident of money or gift giving by the bride’s family, the family of the next bride might have thought of copying that. There are many people who are very keen on their standards and respect, so, they try to outclass the previous family by gifting the groom more worthy stuff than the previous one. Then, it goes on as a tradition and, now, as we know, there are many people who are using this tradition to their advantage. For example, the groom’s family asking for dowry, and there many cases where the bride had to lose her life for dowry. In some parts of the world, the groom has to give a dowry to the bride’s family. Whether bride or groom, this tradition needs to be stopped.

Traditions should not be about taking advantage of anyone. It should be about spreading happiness and anyone should not be forced to follow any type of traditions. Anyone should follow a tradition if he or she does not have any problem with it.

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