Gurugram gang rape 2017 – an ache of a lady

Posted by Manisha Chakarvarti
November 23, 2017

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I’m unsafe, save me.
I want to go out after 8 but they stare at me
They stare at me Like I’m eatable and they want to eat me!
“What is it they want from you mummy?”
Asked a little girl in my hands from me.
Speechless me!
What should i tell her?
That they want to fulfill their needs.
They want to Tear me apart.
They want to play and throw me, as if I am a toy. She was unaware from the reality of the society.
Now it is the time to change this decorum against women. When 3 auto driver raped her in #gurugram, she must not felt helpless, but she felt it. The fault is our only. We habituated to be suppressed by these kind of people .We must take an effective and efficient action against it. Make your sisters, daughters enough bold and strong that they must be alone enough for them.
#don’tkeepcalm #stopthisevil #speakup #weneedit.


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