Posted by Ienfa Mehajabin Rohman
November 17, 2017

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Kaziranga is the name to exemplify the most popular conservation efforts to save the endangered species like the one-horned rhinoceros in India. It is well known that Kaziranga is famous for the one-horned rhino, in fact Assam is famous for this one-horned rhino.

According to the census held in March 2015, which was jointly conducted by the Forest Department of Government of Assam and some recognized wildlife NGOs, the rhino population in Kaziranga National Park is 2,401. It comprises 1,651 adult rhino (663 male, 802 females, 186 unsexed); 294 sub-adults (90 males, 114 females, 90 unsexed); 251 juveniles and 205 cubs. The park is the home of the world’s largest population of the Greater One –Horned Rhinocerous.

It is very unfortunate to all that rhino poaching in Assam is one of the major environmental issues in India, which we can mostly see or hear in the region of Kaziranga National Park. One-horn rhino or Indian rhino in Kaziranga National Park of Assam account almost 95% of the total wild one horned rhino in the world. So, the increase in rhino poaching in the northern region of the Assam has been witnessed. Kaziranga has lost 93 one-horned rhinos due to poaching between 2011 and 2016. During the same period, poachers killed 147 rhinos across the state.

Number of rhino poached in the certain years are: – In 2006: 5 rhinos is poached, in 2007: 16 rhinos is poached, in 2008: 6 rhinos is poached, in 2009: 6 rhinos is poached, in 2010: 5 rhinos is poached, in 2011: 3 rhinos is poached, in 2012: 11 rhinos is poached, in 2013: 27 rhinos is poached, in 2014: 27 rhinos is poached, in 2015: 17 rhinos is poached in Kaziranga National Park. So, from this above list we can see that what is happening to our pride, to our beauty of Assam. We as a human-being are becoming so self-centered and selfish that for our benefit we are just cutting off the horn of the rhino and letting it die on its place. This is how we are saving our future, our proud, our environment.

Kaziranga National Park is a WWF Ecoregion where the diverse variety of flora, wetlands and diverse variety of flora, wetlands and marshy grounds are home to some rare species. Apart from rhinoceros, Kaziranga is also the only national park where we can find the Eastern Swamp Deer, locally known as Barasingha. So, after having this much proudness it is really very shameful thing for us, we as a human-being should also known the importance of animals in our life. Lastly, animals are our savior in times when we need.

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