Have Piping Hot and Healthy Food In The Train

Posted by Dipali Verma
November 17, 2017

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You might pack your own food. This is just before you take up journey via train. The reason behind this, is plain and straight forward. The food you receive at the train station is cold and stale, as well. When you have access to an e-catering site, where you get piping hot food, all your woes finally come to an end.

Helping you discover top 6 advantages of ordering food online:

Fresh and hygienic

You get packed food that is all fresh and hygienic. You can choose your menu from the ala-carte options on the menu card. The e-catering site gives you complete access to the delicacies you would want to order.

The food platform site is really a boon for passengers wanting to board the train.

Excellent choices on food

You might feel little bored to order the packaged food containing one or more varieties of sabji, dal and rice. Even the papads are not crispy enough. You cannot savor food, the way you do at home.

But all your concerns, regarding the same, finally come to an end. The e-catering site has different types of chawal, sabji and dal. You can choose paneer butter masala or dal makhni along with piping hot rotis. Again, you either choose between dry rotis or phulkas and stuffed parathas. This is an efficient train food service in Vadodara.

Order for food just 30 minutes prior

You just need to order for your tasty North Indian thali, half an hour, before when you want the food to be served. The tremendously efficient food platform site makes sure the food is delivered at your seat. You will have to provide your train seat numbers along with the berth, the train coach numbers and so on. The delivery guy delivers super-tasty food, across your seating table. All you have to do is, sit back and enjoy the delicious lip-smacking food.

Special considerations can be looked into

If you have an elderly person(s) traveling with you, you may want to order for food with lesser salt or spice. Again, if you want to order for a typical Jain food, the palate comes to you without garlic or onions. You can order for food, your kids love eating. This way, any kind of special considerations you have, on how you want the food to be served to you, can be mentioned while you place the order, well in advance. This way, your special dietary considerations will also be looked into, while the food is served, as such.

Matter of convenience

Ordering for your food online is definitely a matter of convenience. You can order from your smart phones, tablets or lap tops. You just need to stay well-connected and have your data cards in place. You are all set to go!

Chances of missing out on food is never the case

Suppose you get out of the train to fill your water cans or to buy fruits for your loved ones, you might miss out on the food factor. The railway caterer will just take orders from the passengers sitting on the train, at that moment.

If you are not available, at that particular point of time, you skip out on your dinner. You will never get another opportunity to re-order from the caterer. Not all stations are endowed with hygienic restaurants.

These constraints are looked after, by the online train food service in Vadodara. You just have to order for your food online and the dinner is delivered to you, wherever you are. An SMS intimation will be provided to you, that you will be getting your food in the next 15 minutes or so. This way, you can make yourself available, to receive the same.

These are the top 6 benefits of ordering food via an e-catering site.

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