Have You Secured Your Business With Email Protection Services Yet?

Posted by Supriya Kumari
November 17, 2017

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In an ever-changing world obsessed with Information Technology systems and processes, emails have become the lifeblood of every business organization. Be it the task of storing files, work delegation or record maintenance; emails are indispensable to an organization’s smooth functioning. But what happens if and when the security of one’s business email setup is completely compromised?

You guessed it right: this would lead to heavy losses, mismanagement and utter chaos at the workplace. And that is one risk that no business manager or owner would ever risk taking. This is where Email Protection services such as the ones offered by BeforeHand – one of the premier IT Managed Services companies in India – step in. Let us learn as to how these can greatly benefit your business organization.

Understanding Email Protection:

So what does Email Protection really do? In essence, it involves using various techniques for keeping sensitive information in email communications and accounts secure against unauthorized access or losses. It also involves protection against Malware, Spam, Phishing, and Misleading Attachments or Links.

Importance of Email Protection:

Most business organizations have to deal with massive email inflows and outflows regularly on a day-to-day basis. And more often than not, their entire business email infrastructure is unregulated and unsupervised. This leads to a variety of complications. For instance, people may inadvertently end up clicking on “official” sounding emails and fall victim to phishing attacks; or alternatively, they may end up with their confidential personal/business information falling in the hands of malicious spammers. All of the above situations highlight a grave and serious need for the business organization to adopt professional Email Protection services.

Why Ignoring Email Protection Can Be A Genuinely Risky Business:

The lack of a good Email Protection service can result in lost network bandwidth due to spam overload. It can also result in poor mail server performance thanks to unnecessary network traffic congestion caused by excessive spam. More importantly, lack of capable Email Protection services can negatively impact an organization’s tech-support and assistance personnel by preventing them from carrying out their everyday IT-infrastructure operation and management tasks. Ultimately, this can lead to a drastic fall in organizational productivity thereby leading to a considerable amount of manpower and resource wastage. This in turn can rapidly lead to declining profits and growing revenue losses – things that could have been easily avoided simply through the effective use of competent Email Protection Services.

We hope we have been successful in explaining to you the many operational and functional benefits of using Email Protection to secure your business. This information was brought to you in association with BeforeHand, one of the most renowned Antivirus Dealers in Chennai! Thank you for reading!

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