Have Your Registered For SNAP 2017 Yet?

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November 23, 2017

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The countdown to SNAP 2017 has begun but the registrations are about to come to a close! Yes, we are indeed talking about the registration process for the Symbiosis National Aptitude Test 2017, which is about to come to a close on Friday, November 24, 2017! If you still haven’t registered for the SNAP 2017 test yet, we would highly recommend that you go visit www.snaptest.org and do so right away! Remember, this incredible opportunity to pursue some of the most sought after Postgraduate Courses in India won’t be returning again for quite a while!

So now, without further ado, let us learn all we can about this year’s Symbiosis Aptitude Test for MBA Entrance!

A simple and effective online registration process:

Starting this year, all students are compulsorily required to fill in their SNAP Application Form online. The process has been seamlessly designed to allow prospective Symbiosis students to complete their SNAP registrations from anywhere in the world. As an added benefit, it also helps students save on time, money and other resources – an advantage which would have otherwise been lost had there been an offline registration process in place.

Venue selection as per each student’s convenience:

Students appearing for the SNAP 2017 MBA Entrance Exam this year are in for a highly comfortable exam-taking experience thanks to the availability of a whopping 102 test cities all across India. This decision was taken to enable all Indian students to take the SNAP 2017 test at a venue close to them without having to travel too great a distance.

Better resources for test preparation:

Did you know that Facebook is now the most preferred way of preparing for upcoming MBA Exams in India? That’s right! You can now follow the FB Pages for “SNAP – Symbiosis” and “Crack It With SIIB” to get all the tips, tricks, hints and updates essential for cracking SNAP 2017!

Extensive programme and institute selection:

Can you imagine taking a single entrance test to open doors to 23 MBA specializations in 15 of the most reputed management training institutes all throughout the country? This is exactly what cracking the SNAP test does for you! How’s that for an academic lottery?

An enhanced test taking experience:

Gone are the days when MBA Entrance Test candidates would fiddle with pens, pencils and papers – all to take a simple multiple choice test! Starting this year, the Symbiosis National Aptitude Test will be entirely conducted online. Who says the future isn’t here yet?

We truly hope that you’re as excited for SNAP 2017 as we are! If you still haven’t registered for the SNAP 2017 MBA Entrance Test for Symbiosis yet, we would suggest that you do so well before the 24th of November, 2017 at www.snaptest.org! Hurry while the gateway to your dream management career is still open!!

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