Heart breaking green light…

Posted by Neha M Mhatre
November 24, 2017

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Heart breaking green light…

It was that another gloomy day in the mid of the year. Like any other day I crinkled my essential in my personalised handbag & headed with long pace towards my car as disoriented as ever . With whirlpool of though

Heartbreaking green light..

ts in my mind I opened up the car door & took the comfy of sit & glared out of the window ‘What a soulful time’ I thought to myself & thanked god instantly. Every passing scenario from my window was escalating my thoughts from economy to philosophy to my work task I am about to face today & recoiling back to the tune of “zindagi ke safar mein guzar jaate h jo makaam woh phir nahi aate’ (song from aapki kasam) playing at the back ground from my car’s music system. Amidst of this routine chaos my car halted at the plunge of traffic signal & like a responsible well behaved Indian we followed the rules. Another ten minutes I hesitated to myself. And there came a knock on the car’s window. And I looked up from my handset screen; standing just on the other side of the car was a mal dressed & never ever washed hair (looked like the one) little girl of say around 3-4yrs old. She was carrying those expressions of innocence plated with hopes watching at me pettily. Yes, a signal hawker with a bunch of fresh red roses. Today I don’t know why my heart melted & unlike other days today I opened my window glass fulled & gave her a warm smile which I reserve for rare moments only😋 . I further asked her hand & she with no thoughts agreed to my demand. I holded them thighter. Identifying this strange encountered she just grew in hopes, might be thinking ‘she got customer for the day’. I then enquired her ” Naam kya h aapka?” ( what’s your name) & she replied “jyotsna”. And with no pause I ask ” kisne rakha itna sundar naam aapka?” ( who gave you this beautiful ?). She just went in her interrogated name asking herself this mighty question in mind & after that pause of thoughtful expression she replied “pata nahi” (tinge of sadness in her eyes). Again coming to her business girl mode she queried “phool loge madam, taaje h?” ( will you buy flowers? ,they are fresh), to which I replied “Itne saare phoolon ka karo kya?” (what i do with so many flowers?). And this time her face falls at my skeptical & obivious question. sensing the rightfullness in my question but holding to her job to sell them all & earn the bucks she kept looking at me. She again talked after a pause “lelo na madam” ( A cute wink this time). I smiled back at her & asked her “school nahi jaate aap?” ( Don’t you go school?) . she just gave a nod & the green light glows. The nod which symbolise a confusion of ‘Yes’ , ‘No’ or ‘what the hell this school is ‘ still lingers in me & today traffic green light which I loved always became hateful. This heartbreaking green light today took my life ahead with wrench in the mind creating clouds of emotions.. With this heavy encounter another mundane day turns me towards deprieved part our society. As she & me kept on staring hard at each other untill my car goes off her sight i noticed her running towards another lane with bloomed hopes.

You know guys ,
Over 20 millions children in India are orphans. This kids are abandoned by there parents due to poverty, lack of education , birth control awareness & many other reason best known to them.
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