Her Story

Posted by Akanksha Somani
November 11, 2017

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It will be fine if she is not given reserved seats and special treats Neither she need any schemes nor any scholarships. She need nothing but belief a belief that she can help herself. That she is a rebel not the one who fights with the world but the one who know how to fight with the fears conflicts doubt and and a lost dread world that lies in her mind. That she is the strength that she looks for in someone else to protect her. That she can be that inspiration if she cant find it in someone else.The reason we need a revolution for empowerment is that she forgets she herself is a revolution. She cry because she never asked a “Why”. Why she is not trained to fight why she is not allowed to fly, why she has to be shy, why she cant give it a try, the idea of independence why she cant apply???
She can be ordinary yet powerful enough to lead. She can be messy yet flawless. She is capable enough to stand in crowd. All she needs to know is that her silence is an offer letter for violence. That her ignorance is her only offence.
That her beautiful self doesnt require any acceptance. That she is immense she is intense. That her life is her home and its not meant to be controlled by any tenant. Her confidence is the only assurance. That she is equally respectable equally capable.
That todays tear of her will flow tommorow in eyes of her daughter.
No empowerment can assure her the kind of the safety she wants no financial assistance can ensure her the freedom that she dreams.
Every time i think why such problems arise i find the root problem is in upbringing of her. She is grown with a list of Dos n donts.
She never heard “dear if someone hurts you fight back and if you cant then ask for help share with us rather she is said dont go out.
She never heard “why dont you join our business. Work wherever you want. Rather she is said , why to worry ask from your father brother or husband whatever you want. Business problems ohh dear thats not your business.
She never heard lets go to work it will help you someday rather she is said, learn to cook something it will help you in future.
She never heard stand up for yourslef speak when they are wrong rather she is asked to be silent as thats what a well behaved girl do.
In her upbringing the first seed they feed is she must fear that she is not safe. That alone is not her zone. That fight is not her right.

You cant empower someone who is already possessing power but dont know about it. If they really wish to do something for her then dont give her special buses rather make her comfortable in normal transportation, dont give her financial assistance rather give her equal opportunities equal pay. Dont make her part of reservation rather provide her best education. Dont boast her by giving free laptops cycles tablets rather host her with all the upgraded technologies. Don’t stop her saying its not her cup of tea rather be the hope that she can try all the cups of coffee.
Dont love her rather let her love. Dont brag that she is more rather convince her that she is not less. Dont worship her rather permit her to worship whenever she wants. Dont fascinate her with short term schemes rather accomodate her with something worth keeping forever. Dont comfort her saying ladies first rather
encourage her before every beginning that she must. Dont prepare her to get marry rather dare her to magnify her glory.

She needs help not a helpline. Give her wing and see her flying may be just a oneliner but give her a breathe a single breathe of freedom without any kind of fear in her mind let her feel it and see her falling in love with it. She wont be the same person again.

Listen to her she might not be a song but she will definitely be a beautiful story which you never allowed to come out.

She is the butterfly in the spring
She is the earth she is the flying wing
She is the endless hope and
Hope is a Good thing.

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