Hinduism and intolerance

Posted by Madhup Mayank
November 13, 2017

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Sarvey bavantu sukhina sarvey santu niramaya.

Over the past few years there has been a huge urge within a particular community regarding worshipping of cows and how they are treated in our country.

The so called gau rakshak teams are out for securing cows and how they are doing is by killing individuals who they suspect.  If you are genuinely serious of the issue of cows then do something for cows which are roaming here and there getting hit or hurt by accidents who thereby are also eating plastic wastes or garbage. In this way you could solve garbage and pollution issues as well.

Like punjab government did by opening cow hostels.

Hindus are not intolerant . As it might be the case then we would have declared ourselves as hindu nation no sooner . Our dharma preaches peace which is now having massive followers world wide.  Durga puja or diwali celebrations are kept aside to please a particular community still we are quite and respect the decision. People’s sentiments are hurt so that other people can reside peacefully in our nation.

Morning azaan is not sound pollution but playing djs on festival’s for few hours that too within specified sound levels is ?

We are becoming a nation where national anthem is questioned whether to be played or not? And you want our jawans to sacrifice their lives for us?

Time is to think where we are heading . Questions come in mind how we want our child to be or will they be secure in generations to come ?

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