Honour killings and the concerning Laws

Posted by Beena Lal
November 17, 2017

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When the technology field of our country is reaching the highest levels, another side of our country is pulling the people back to the barbaric ages, of brutal killings in the name of family honour. Lives are taken as easily as cutting a plant which is an obstacle in the path. Youngsters united together in the name of love are being chopped in to pieces in the name of love and honour of the family.
The alarming rate at which this madness is increasing ,is something we all need to take seriously.
The rate of honour killings in 2014 was 28 which went up to 192 in 2015.  That’s quite  an alarming  rate.
Most of the time these heinous crimes are done after much calculations and planning. It’s oftentimes not an impulse reaction.  So the punishments must be equal to that of the crime which had been committed.
The National Crime Record Bureau had only 12 motives behind murders until 2013. Honour killings were not in the list.
Much talks are there to have a separate law to deal with honour killings.
One of the proposals is to make amendments in the Indian Evidence Act to put the burden of proof with the accused to prove their innocence.
Under the proposed law there will be joint liability to share the crime, by the group who orders the crime and by the person who carries out the act.
Need for creating awareness among traditional communities are needed.
Along with maximum punishments for the murders, we need to have serious campaigns to make people aware of the law and the right for all to live.
Intercaste marriages and inter religious marriages needs to be encouraged. Only then some sort of equality could be achieved within the society.
The existing law has to be put effectively and strongly to avoid the repetition of such mad actions, which can only breed more hatred.

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