How Blogging Is Taking Over The Mainstream Media – viaENS Case Study

Posted by Akshita Sharma
November 22, 2017

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Blogging has evolved so much since it first begun. The future of Blogging is not going to fade away any sooner. Blogging is going to stay here for a longer run and is only going to get bigger and bigger.

With the emerging scope of blogging platforms, the mainstream media is getting replaced by blogging itself. For many businesses, it is very important to establish themselves as brands for which they need to become visible and get noticed on the internet. Blogging platforms are the best to serve this purpose for businesses to build brand of their own or even for already built-up brands to market their products.

With this growth, bloggers don’t need the mainstream media anymore. Many popular blogs have started to look like Mainstream media themselves. In the past few decades, the media has experienced a tremendous growth over the internet and blogs have played an important role in this growth. As a result, the social media is challenging the traditional mainstream media with the help of blogs; a tough call between the two.

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There are many areas that are sometimes overlooked by mainstream media and with the expansion of blogosphere, blogs are providing a way to interact with online communities targeted to those areas. Blogs are hitting the spot by offering a harmonious balance between the social media and traditional online news. Blogs are a great platform for news, reviews and thought leadership, and with the shift in the culture from offline media to online media, more engagement on the blogs is observed.

With the advent of the Internet, the expression of a more diverse or alternative viewpoint which may contrast to mainstream media has evolved, to the point where the term mainstream media is seen in defamatory terms. The variation in traditional mainstream media is limited whereas the variation in blogs is great. Blogs provide a platform to express but starting a Blog can be a daunting task. viaENS- a community building Business platform have taken the initiative to simplify the entire process to Start a Blog and are empowering people into the blogosphere by providing them the required latest technology on a single go. You just have to submit a request for the domain registration in the Support Center and they deliver the Blog with everything installed so that you can focus more on the content.

Content forms the core of Blogging. Blogs have provided more content covering all the major sectors like breaking more news, doing more investigative journalism, producing high quality audio and video, and filling a void that newspapers are no longer able to fill. In contrast, traditional media is limited to its own sphere only.

Blogging, blogging vs mainstream media, mainstream media, blogging vs news, viaens

Both blogs and mainstream media have their own specific audiences where consumer specific and niche specific audiences will prefer Blogs but strictly corporate audience might not find blogs meet their needs. Blogs can be a highly effective way of reaching targeted audience as they are engagement based platforms. It appears that blogs and traditional mainstream media are feeding each other with online sites using content from the blogs to form a wider ranging piece. Blogs keep mainstream media in check and help them be more honest.

We all know that the way we consume news has evolved with the time and is ever-changing. And with the dawn of blogosphere, there is a tremendous shift in this way, creating a difference in the outdated ways of consuming news from mainstream media. viaENS is one of the most innovative Managed Website Service and Tools providers. viaENS has been on the map since 2014 and handles all the Digital Gadgets and Setup like Website Development & Integration with Domain, Servers Setup, a state of the Art Operating System for Blogging, Marketplace for Themes and Softwares, Training Modules, along with Firewalls and Anti-Virus to make blogging even more easy and rewarding.

Both Blogs and Mainstream media have their own roles to play but it seems that the bloggers win on timeliness, accuracy, relevance, effort and ethics.

Hence it won’t be wrong to say that blogging is taking over the mainstream media expeditiously and will keep growing which gives another reason to Start a Blog.

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