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Posted by Nilakshi Saikia
November 20, 2017

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It all happened when I was in high school. While gazing the night sky I always go into a constant thought that whether I am an introvert or an extrovert? Someday I act so wild and crazy. I talk to everyone, I dance and sing and often get the compliment that “you are crazy”. while, the other day I love  my own company and complete silence.I don’t want to talk to anyone. There is something pleasant in the silence. “hearding the unheard melodies” leads you to different world of peace and serenity. There is always a question mark infront of me and it do become hard to understand ownself and makes you confuse about everything which is happening with your life. The mind is always in an  unsolved puzzle and which often lead to identity crisis.
When finding yourself so different from others. When people start mistaken you as someone which you’re not. As a result, Staying isolated and escaping the real world gives you freedom. You start loving your own company. That’s when the feeling of alienation hits constantly  and self esteem is often break- down and a motivation is needed to stand up.
An ambivert is one of the most mislead personalities . They are known as weird, rude or crazy in their group. They are mostly clueless and day dreamers . And they often face the dilemma of  “Whether they are normal or not? “, “What is happening with me?”, understanding their own self is like a “rocket science” for them.
But, I think whether you are an introvert, extrovert or an ambivert ;these are just tag lines . The way you want to live your life is most important thing. It never  matters how other picturise you and what kind of thoughts they have . How you want to see yourself matters everything.
How does an ambivert act? It will always be one of the frequently asked questions . But, no matter what the question is. The answer will always be the same that “The best in me ;describes me.” Everyone is best  in their way.
Being an ambivert is one of rhe coolest thing. As you live the life of both an introvert and an extrovert,I guess. When you feel good in your own skin, not a single comment could effect your mindset or hamper your beliefs. And no one could stop us from rising, Unless we want to stop at a particular destination. It’s all within us, only we have to let our inner spark lit the entire universe for us. “We all have got a little spark of madness don’t let it die” .

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