How fake messages and hoaxes are blurring the line between news and facts

Posted by Vrushika
November 24, 2017

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“Half knowledge is a dangerous thing . ” There was a time when books used to be man’s best friend . Now, flipping a book’s pages seem a futile job when an information is a touch away.Google has become our virtual teacher.
Do we ever think how creditable are the google sources? Or the news feed we scroll down are authentic or not ? Social media has been . Whether it was Trump’s win or the Brexit , social media was a silent game changer in deciding the outcomes which went against public perception . We are witness of facts mingling with half truths to create false information blends driving general public opinion . Earlier, we relied on television news , newspaper or books for information but now google searches and social media have successfully stepped into their shoes . Even for a minor subject we have a pool of information regardless of the authenticity . Number of startups and content writers come up with their own piece of stories which could fetch them a few pennies misguiding people.
Salt scarcity rumour during demonetisation drove people crazy surrendering their wits to an unverified hearsay , creating mounds of salt in homes . Such hoaxes blur the thinking ability of an individual resulting in online humbug.

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