How to Exercise While Still Using Anabolic Steroids

Posted by Sujain Thomas
November 3, 2017

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Muscle building and growth is not easy. It needs you to be patient, eat right and keep a constant workout routine. Working out while on anabolic steroids is different from normal workout routines. While on steroids, you need to change your diet and make a few changes to your workout routines so as to get the most out of the steroids. Intensive weightlifting with high frequency will also help you attain the results you want. So, how do you exercise while still using anabolic steroids?

  1. The first step will be to choose a workout routine and stick to it. If you need to gain muscle, high intensive weight training is important. Hiring a trainer or getting a gym membership will help you track your progress and avoid muscle injury. If you want to increase mass, you will need to increase the weights you lift gradually and the diet you eat. You need a diet rich in protein and a few carbs.
  2. How many sets and reps do you perform? When you are using steroids, you will need to increase the number of sets and reps you do. You can start by doing three exercises for each muscle group and three sets 6-7 reps each. Steroids help improve recovery time between sets so you can also implement supersets. Take at least a minute to rest between sets and wait for the steroids to improve recovery between sets.
  3. Increase workout time.If you had previously been working out for 30 minutes, then you will need to increase to at least one hour. The most effective workout will be between two and five hours. It will help you target the right muscles and give enough rest between sets to your muscles.
  4. Warming up and stretching. Warming up and stretching before a workout will help you prevent injuries to your muscles during training. Since anabolic steroids give strength to your body, a good warm up will prepare your body to lift weights. Injuries decrease the effectiveness of a steroid. An injury will keep you out of the gym and being out of the gym slows down your progress.
  5. Rest. Whether you are on steroids or not, resting while you workout is important. As you choose a workout routine, you will also need to choose which days are for resting. Taking at least eight to nine hours of sleep per day will also make sure that your muscle tissues are well repaired.

If you decide to stop taking steroids, it is important to gradually decrease your steroid dosage. Get the best steroids from anabolic steroids for sale-official siteto be safe. You will also need to decrease the number of hours you train and the workout routine. You should not train in the same intense workout routine as before. To avoid injury, you should consult your steroid provider and let them advise you on how to gradually reduce the amount of steroids you have been taking. They can also inform you of any side effects and what to do about them.


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