How to get followers on SoundCloud

Posted by james
November 23, 2017

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SoundCloud is a vibrant community of musicians, artists and DJs. SoundCloud is a music exchange website that allows you to connect with new musicians, artists, artists and DJs. You can increase the number of followers you have in the social network of music exchange by finding new people to listen to, share your SoundCloud profile on other social networks and the progressive consolidation of your continuation in time with the publication of fresh music and exciting on the web.

Log in to your SoundCloud account. Explore new music or people by hovering over “tracks” or “People” tabs and selecting “Explore Tracks” or “Explore People”, respectively. Look for songs that suit your musical tastes or look for people that produce a sound that intrigues you.

Click on the “Follow” button on any SoundCloud profile that you want to start following. The musician is notified that he is being followed. If he has a similar interest in you, he will return the favor by following you back. This is one of the easiest ways to get more followers on SoundCloud or almost any social network.

Pass the mouse over the “You” tab at the top of any page and select “Your Profile”. Click on the “Share” button and select to which social network to broadcast your SoundCloud profile. Some of the available options are Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Tumblr and WordPress. Share your newly uploaded tracks with your social networks. If you are not automatically asked to share after uploading a track, mouse over the “You” tab and select “Tracks”. Go to the track you want to share and click on the “Share” button to the left of the music player’s controls.

Share your music sets with your social networks. The process is the same as sharing a single track, but instead hover over the “You” tab and select “Sets.” The “Share” button is located on the top left of the music player on the first track. A set is a reproduction of your own music.

Tips and warnings

Building a following following SoundCloud followers can take several weeks or months.

Art matters

The cover of an album is important. Especially on SoundCloud. If your song is integrated into a blog, your cover will appear. And if you share your track on Facebook, too. So it’s super important. Before giving click on play, the cover of your disk should already stand out. So keep that in mind and choose something that represents you and your music.

The cover of the albums and the tracklist design represent your music wherever it goes.

The album art is a perfect reason to invest a little money in your project. If you are not able to create the image you want, hire a designer or photographer that fits your budget.
Private is synonymous with professional and the more professional your account is the more followers you can get.

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