How to not do what others do

November 14, 2017

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With the provision of internet people have started creating channels with valuable content very less.This scenario has seen a hike in the past two years.Valuable learning content is only 60% whereas the not so valuable and gossiping content is very high.Certain channels have very valuable content like they teach simple engineering,ways to do things,philosophical approach to life which are all on the right side.Now when we come to the side which is very appalling all forms of rubbish are flooding the screens ranging from

“This actor does this to this actor does that and this actress is dating this guy”

What utter rubbish stuff is this ?Who are these channels to pry on them ?

These are people from the entertainment industry who take pains to entertain we prove our fan base by being nosy on their personal life.They have a life too.We need to respect them and prove it in a different way.

Then what is hitting me more is that why we people give all these a damn and give those channels a thumbs up thereby making them rich and motivating them to put more such videos.I appreciate certain websites who have come forward to help people in putting together things in a conglomerate way ranging from current affair debates to fashion to travel to cuisine and it goes on.These things help people in their work or if someone is travelling helps to know things related to it better and these debates help younger generation to analyse things in a good way.

So my humble request is to know what you watch and build your potential in a more better way so that others will be benefited out of it.This is not targeted at anyone in specific but it is a thing which has been pricking me for a very long time .At last I got a chance  to pen down my thoughts.Feedbacks are invited and I would try to correct in my forthcoming posts.

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