Humiliation is the weapon of intraregional discrimination

Posted by Gnana Priya
November 18, 2017

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Why is it easier to humiliate someone who doesn’t belong to your region or speak your native language yet chose to live with you?  Why is it easier to take them for granted rather than helping them ? Why don’t you try understanding the basic issues they have in an alien region?
It’s because you do not even Attempt! You do not want to help people who doesn’t understand the language you speak. You do not want to get out of that comfy zone and move yourself a little for the other person to sit .
There are plenty of cases where you do not want to help them , you keep quite instead because it’s easier and doesn’t get you the pain of thinking, right? Staying quite when someone right in front of you is being humiliated is as wrong as humiliating them .
Translation- difficult.
Not make them feel alone- difficult
Taunt- not difficult
Humiliate- never difficult
We try to get along with you as much as we could .we speak the common language yet you don’t because that’s not comfortable for you . You take us for GRANTED and help us just by your silence or sometimes mockery . you know you’re dominating and have an upper hand because it’s your land and you could do whatever you want unlike us who find it very difficult to move around without a company like you ..and that’s your Advantage !
 People usually speak about other people in their absence and unfortunately about these poor migrants you could even speak in their presence because they do not understand your language.Wow. or atleast we just think we’re weaker to put up with you.
We do not put language as a barrier in between us ,YOU do it ,while we try to break it and want to be normal people. You do not attempt to understand what we feel .you do not want to be our friend .you only expect us to learn your language while we’re trying to explain the problems we face ,you don’t even wanna listen and are busy with your own fun lives when we are trying to pull ourselves together without your help.
We’re definitely not introverts as many people think .we speak our hearts out, only if you’re ready to listen .We make the best of friends with you, only if you’re ready to understand . We’re the best at being social only of the society speaks the common language and doesn’t look down upon us.. Not that we do not try, We try speaking your language (do we have an option?) .we attempt to be social . we even try to understand your problems so that we could be great friends with you . but you chose NO. I suppose the ones who keep quiet are way better because there are people who HUMILIATE the new people. Our talk , our ways of eating, walking, speaking and everything are being laughed at . And sometimes we don’t even know we’re being made fools and laugh at our own lives . Hilarious!
For instance , If there’s a person for a different country that speaks a different language. I bet you’ll speak the common language and always find a way to speak to that person especially if they’re of the opposite sex .. this very thought makes me think that a foreign White skin takes over my skin that belongs to your own country . Ironical! We belong to the same nation yet you respect me less than a foreigner?
All we ask from you is not center of attraction and fame but due respect and equal terms . Act before your region is put into shame. We’re all the same !

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