I am doing the same, I promise.

Posted by Rekha Bahrani
November 19, 2017

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Wait till you get there, will you?
How many of you have left the will to live your life, while struggling with it?
How many of you hate the fact, that you really can’t do anything about the way you’re living your life?
How many of you bother about your future, your career, your family?
Let me put it straight, Everyone! Yes, we all constantly battle with ourselves, with our mind about the life and beyond questions that we certainly feed, cook and do what not within our head, and end up destroying it.
It’s a vicious circle, no? A constant struggle to smile and laugh with a lump stuck in your throat, gradually trying to make yourself believe that lump has disappeared.
You do know, it’s never fully gone, right? Sometimes it pretends to hide itself behind the laughter and the sanity. What a coward!
Have you ever felt a needle pricking you, while you are in between loud crackling laughter, so hard that you end up crying?
It takes a dream or a picture or a song or sometimes a happy couple. Even a memory or a quote, a word or probably dejavu and all it comes gushing in at the speed of light.
And then suddenly, you feel that the lump inevitably starts getting larger and you sit hopelessly watching the sanity disappearing.
The heart breaking into million pieces. It feels physical, feels biological.
You are helpless. You’ve nothing to justify this sudden change inside you. It embarrasses you. The more you try to push it away, the more it overpowers you.
The walls coming closer and the world crashing down.
And every second gets worse than the last.
It happens. And, it’s happening right now. 
So, close your eyes,
clench your fists and tell yourself it’s going to be better.
Keep repeating it.
It’s going to pass.
Because, it always does.
I am doing the same.
I promise.

Happy Reading ! 😊😊

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