I am not

Posted by Monika Agarwal
November 18, 2017

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I am not just someone you slip in your hand whenever you needed attention and then dump like a couch bag when you are done. I am not a pillow you claim to be yours at night and then just leave in any corner of your bed when  morning arrives. I am not just a girl you can lure with nice and flowery words at first few dates just to throw me broken and dying on that empty street. I am a girl with value you can never buy. I am a woman with my own worth and pride. I am more than just a shirt you can Wear anywhere and then just throw in the garbage when you got stained. I am not a second choice, not a buffer in your world. I exist and I live with my own worth which you can never take. I am more than any other jeweled dresses you collect in your wardrobe only to hung me alone and hidden in the dark.

I am who I am and my existence will not be dependent on your attention.

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