i believe in you

Posted by Diksha Aggarwal
November 17, 2017

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Maybe you think no one does but trust me I do believe in you , maybe life has been tough for you , but this will soon end .Your future is full of love and happiness. You are strong when you hide your tears and simply smile , when you have a lot to say but you remain quiet. Your happiness is the ultimate proof of your success, so never think that you have failed. What other people think about you does not define you. Your current situation cannot put you down, you are a princess with your strength as your crown . The failures cannot extinguish the fire in  you , how strong you are no one has any clue .Just carry your confidence , polish your personality and with a big broad smile , face the world .

Don’t expect others to help you every-time .People might leave you when you need them the most but remember who stands alone is the real warrior . Everyone has a battle with world , lets conquer the negativity and win everyone’s heart . Be a winner of the game called ‘life’

One of the greatest inventions ‘The airplane’ by Wright brothers who had not even  finished high school and owned a bicycle shop. The wright brothers accomplished the unbelievable because they had the courage to harness the power of belief and combine it with action. 

You can dream and create your own future with right choices , hard work and positive thinking. Never doubt yourself .

The only thing that can stop you from achieving your goals is you ‘yourself’. 

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