“I exist”

Posted by Aakanksha Singh
November 19, 2017

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I cherished you for nine months in my womb.

Held your hand when you were in a gloom.

I was there in your good and bad times,

Taught you what is good, evil or crime.

In all phases of your life, I held your fist.

Though I need to tell you my child, that I exist ?


You carried me on your shoulders and walked all around the house,

And my happiness and laughter had no pause!

You treated me like a little doll.

Do you think daddy, that’s all ?

To clear all your doubts and for all helps, I was in your priority list!

And then ..when it comes to earning, I need to tell – Daddy, I exist !!


I left my family, home and surname.

Just for you to earn love,money and fame .

Lived for you and prayed for you and held you tightly in the mist.

Still I need to tell you my love, I exist !!


Either it’s buying vegetables or earning medals.

Dam! All these works have to be done by girls!!

Leaders, engineers,doctors ….Such a long list !!

Isn’t this enough for you all to know that we exist!!?


No wonder, Nirbhaya or Damini might have said!

You call us Nation’s daughter after we got raped!!

Where was your love when they were harming our modesty and just played!!


You may shoot me with your words ,

You may cut me with your eyes,

You may kill me with your hatefulness,

But still like air, I will rise .


To all those who still resist !!

Better know we exist !!!


~ Aakanksha Singh

                                                 16 years.

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