India Paralysed: ‘We First’ ideology to blame

Posted by ramon burns
November 1, 2017

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To have a government that exists with the singular objective of progress and development of the state, under the present circumstance, seems to be a farfetched dream, blurred by improbability.

However, distant or unlikely or it may seem, the power of giving ourselves efficient, unbiased and just political governors rests with us – the general population. We hold the key to drive the destiny of the next generation towards light and prosperity. As long as we shun the task at hand, we continue to deprive ourselves of the fruits of political freedom, democracy, and the riches of scientific advancement.

An eutopic realm in which a conscious and progressive government provides equal opportunity to all without the bias of cast, creed, colour and religion is what the founding fathers of our nation might have envisaged India to be.

The fact that even after 60 years of independence, we have failed to achieve even a quarter of what the nation is capable of, speaks volumes about our failure as one.

Today, however, times appear to be different. It is only conscious people that can elect a conscious leader. And this consciousness, with the advent of a liberal-intellectual thought process in the educated youth, appears to be growing.

If we come together and decide to cast our vote in favour of people who work for the sole purpose of collective economic development, only then can change begin to reflect in the true sense. Let the past performance of these leaders be the only testament to their abilities. Let us not be swayed by factional politics.

It has been observed over a significant part of the past century that such political ideologies of ‘me first’ or rather, ‘we first’ only ends up cancelling out overall national progress.

Having said so, the fact that a significant part of young India continues to be driven by caste politics, regional and religious polarisation is as much a reality as is the existence of acute poverty and illiteracy.

Case in point being, the young and charismatic face of the Patidar movement, Hardik Patel. A young man of not more than 24 who commands the support and respect of the vast Patidar community, Patel has championed the cause of OBC reservation for the Patidar community, for the past three years.

His agitation and the route taken by him for the attainment of demands is an excellent example of the ‘we first’ ideology – something that will surely end up cancelling our overall national progress.

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