Posted by Maheshwari More
November 11, 2017

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Escaped in the grey,nowhere to be found
Red was whimsical then,and nerves draped upon
But she touches it more often despite the void
The womb is ashamed,pains are to its side.
The vacant space,fill her eyes with mournful tears
Saddled with the chaotic,haunting fears
The nurture was strong to build up the bond
The body was placid enough to give the warmth
But then,why so soon remains the question?
Mom,why?This escape was to be against
My arrival could have brought happiness in immense
With every kick,my presence was to cheer you up,
And the little twirls would have put you in pain
I suppose I wasn’t more of the bane,
But the journey was fine,three more to go,you marked!
To be repented or not?so soon has been my depart
you must be broken, aren’t you mom?
I wish I could have obstructed the falling tears,
What name was I to be called upon?
Who remains to be your other half?
How would I have looked?
How long we could have cheered together?
My gender has caused to the threat?
Or was I to be differently abled,to be demised?
These inescapable questions aren’t fine
The answers were to be unraveled,what was my crime?


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