Instead of making joke of us, please help we Biharis to grow

Posted by Shahin Hozaifa
November 23, 2017

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Honourable Brothers and Sisters of India. Hope you people would be doing great. Today I am going to transfer some facts that keeps forming waves of painful tears inside my heart through this platform, with an optimism.

I am a boy of 18 years old, who is born in Bihar. Am I unlucky? Yes I am.

Dear Ma’am and Sir of the country, if it’s not so, why do people call us Bihari and make joke of us. I agree, we are not much good. Of course we are not much good in English and pronunciation but Dear Sir and Ma’am we are not bad from heart. We are very good from inside. 

Dear Ma’am and sir of the country, there is so many diamond in my state. Not only in my state, but in all over the country but there is no one here to show the light that’s why we are dying. We are dying in darkness. Please help us. Please help us. Please save us. Please save so many dying talents of the country. 

Dear Ma’am and Sir of the country, we too want to fly. We too want to speak English like you. We too want to become successful like you. Please help us. Dear sir, Dear Ma’am please help us. We are also a part of The India. We want to take an educational startup to improve the current situation of our state and country. Please Sir, Please Ma’am, instead of making joke of us, please help us to grow.


Shahin Hozaifa

Aspiring Author and Social Servant.





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