Is the Unreal the real you?

Posted by Viddhi Tailor
November 19, 2017

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In this so called world of “show-off”, we all have become unreal.

While I settle down from my busy schedule and look around, This is what I observe..



Simplicity is so expensive, today’s generation hardly can afford to buy it.

Curiosity so far away that even if we try to reach it out, our busy schedule says “I’ll catch u later” thus heeding little attention

Learning the Right thing in a wrong way   has become so common, we hardly achieve for precision

Attire so perfectly filled up with beautiful  colours, but ultimately brain remaining    empty shit

This is what We should be..

Do not strive for fame, but for Flame of knowledge

Lighten up the hidden curiosity within u, for asking silly questions is going to be as good as u get creative answers

Lead the world not by showing off your degree but by ur extraordinary intellectual skills

Simple living, high thinking is not just a saying, it has everything in it’s storage.

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