It’s Proven that delhi is not safe but try and change this differently this time.

Posted by Swati Minz
November 30, 2017

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On 26 November while coming back to home I never thought that people would come together to save someone who was drunk and threatening me.

While my friend was getting down from my car and sat into her brother’s car, a man on his bike blocked my way at the Arjangarh metro station red light. I thought he wants to go to the metro station, so I waited for him to move and started talking to my friend, as they wanted to drop me home safely and I was insisting them to go back but , this man stayed there. After ending the discussion, I was honking continuously, because he was not ready to move, I started taking a turn towards left, so that I can go ahead but the moment he realized that the car is moving, he blocked my way again.
I was confused and asked him to move but then he smiled at me. I started to scream and my friend’s brother got down from his car and pushed the bike. As my way was clear, I went from there. I was driving alone and realized that he is following me. Then my friend’s brother called me and said-

“Didi wo bike wala apke piche hai par aap tention na lo hum aa rahe hai. Aap dikhai nhi de rhe ho, dheere chalao.”

I started driving slow but there’s a desolate area in between, so before that I stopped my car in front of a crossing,so that I’ll be able to get some help. I rolled down the window slightly as he stood right next to my car and asked him-
” kya dikkat hai?”
He smiled again but I was relieved when my friend and her brothers came there. In between of the argument, he tried to run away but while catching him he started fighting. I was screaming at him and trying to stop it. A man (which he is not) came out from his house and said-

“Yaha hungama mat karo.”

My friend’s brother replied-

“Meri behen ka picha kar raha hai bhaut der se iski complaint karunga mai.”

That man went inside saying that-

“bhai mai bulata hu kisi ko.”

Hence we were assured that he is calling police to help us but he called boys to beat everyone of us.
In between a car stopped and three boys came out to resolve the matter. I explained them everything and between this he showed his ID stating that he is in Delhi Police so we took his ID including the bike keys.Boys who were there asked that guy to sit in their car and stated-

“Bhai hai apna jaane do.”

(Just because he was a localite and they share this bond of brotherhood and love.)

I dialed 100 and also called my father and while we were taking out his ID he said, I’am in Delhi Police so stay away (he was lying instead he is a home guard) . Listening to this I was disgusted and screamed at him that-

“My father and brother is in Police so shut your mouth.”

My friend’s brother stated-

“Let me call Police and Media.”

The moment he said this, all the boys attacked him. Then I realized that we are surrounded by 15-20 guys who just wants to be the part of this fight. I was screaming to leave them at the top of my voice. My friend was so scared that she was breaking down and asking those guys to back off. My father and younger brother came there and saw that horrific scene, and when they were saving us, those brainless creatures attacked them as well.I was pushing them and said, leave him right now he is my father but they were not bothered about it. While I was calling my eldest brother and saving my father, one of those boys snatched my phone and smashed it on the ground. I managed to pick my phone and push them back but then I saw those boys have taken out a long heavy wooden stick to beat my friend’s brother. They were hitting them with all their strength and using everything as a weapon to hit them, because me and my friend were coming in between to save them, one of them pushed me on the wall and my friend was also pushed wherein she got hurt.
Fortunately, a sensible guy intervened and stood in front of me and asked all the boys to back off and requested me to take everyone from here because its getting out of control. I was so helpless and the moment we were getting into the car I was about to faint.
We quickly went into our cars and came home. A PCR was sent to my house with two officer and took my statement. We showed them those IDs and bike keys.
I narrated everything to them and a complaint has been logged.

We were not wrong but the only reason those boys were against us, was because that guy was a localite and they all are like brothers.

His name is JITENDER who lives in Ayanagar Bhublia Mohalla Fatehpur Beri. It took 2 minutes for all the people come together and beat us because they were okay for a girl to get harassed but they didn’t want a man who is part of their community to  be punished and handed over to police.

With the help of his ID we were able to catch him. He was called to the Police Station wherein he admitted everything. His family requested me to take the case back as stating that “we all are staying at the same place and we’ll make sure everyone stays peacefully”. The decision was mine whether I want to take this matter to court or withdraw it.

With this I was bit disturbed and I was also praying continuously for this matter to get resolved peacefully.Lot of thoughts were coming into my mind, as this was my fight against the mentality people have. I wanted to set an example and if I can change the mindset of that guy who did this and people who are involved that will be my greatest victory. After making that man understand that being a good human is more important, I took the case back because I don’t want someone to suffer and learn something rather I believe in giving chances and transforming people.



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