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It’s Wonky For The BJP In The Gujarat Polls

Posted by shakeel ahmad in Politics
November 27, 2017

The Gujarat poll is quite different from the one in Uttar Pradesh. Here, there is a possibility of difficulty in the way of winning the battle of ballots. If the development agenda has really made an impact in the state, then why are so many ministers hitting the roads in this election-stirred province?

The Congress and the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) will face each other in the assembly elections this year. The saffron party is determined to win the electoral battle for Narendra Modi. Being the home state of the prime minister (PM), this election holds a vital significance for him too. However, as said by the Gujarat CM, the party does treat every election as a challenge.

The Congress spokesperson, on the other hand, has his own particular views with regard to election campaigning in Gujarat. He was determined to make it clear that if the BJP had indeed helped in the all-round development of the state, it should not be scared. There was no need to send a bunch of chief ministers from other states for the party’s campaigning, which, as BJP’s Gujarat in-charge said, was a part of the party’s campaigning strategy.

The Congress also alleged that the BJP would try to keep the focus away from the development issue. Really, what was the need of inviting CMs from other states to Gujarat? Though Rupani maintained that the Hardik-Rahul combination will not cause any harm to the party, this was simply an opinion. They also stated that the Congress was only deceiving people on the reservation issue.

In the meantime, Rekha Chowdhary, spokesperson of the Congress, Gujarat unit, has resigned allegedly due to her issues with ticket distribution. The party has provided tickets to a total of three women in the first round of the Gujarat polls, while the BJP has fielded six female candidates.

Furthermore, it’s been opined that Adityanath’s visit to Gujarat will not change much. Meanwhile, political analysts have specified that the gap between the two prominent parties has comparatively reduced.

The Congress has the base to fight effectively in the Saurashtra region. On the other hand, even if the BJP secures 115 seats (which it won in 2012), it will not be considered a very prestigious victory. The political calibre and popularity of three young, political leaders will also be at stake in this edition of the Gujarat polls.


Featured image source: Vipin Kumar/Hindustan Times via Getty Images