Itz not my fault..being trans ..

Posted by sai
November 24, 2017

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Itz not my fault that I turned out to be trans and for this I donot blame the gods..just people and their ways of belief’s In society
It all started when I was  little as eight.although I don’t remember the date but I remember that day when my mom dressed me up in my sisters dress just for entertainment .but i was totally blown out thatz when I felt  strange ut i couldn’t understand.
Itz not my fault that I was youngest among my sibling’s and friend’s thereby I was always considered to be among the weaklings,the more harder I tried to fit in the more harder I was left crying by their bullying.
Itz not my fault that I was drawn closure to my sister’s whenever I was bullied .they were always on by side to help me and support me.always wipe my tears .some how I found my sorrows stared to shrink .thatz when I realized “I was be so much happier as a girl”.
Itz not my fault that I was born with few feminine trait.but that came along with a price of everyone else’s hate,I tried hard to be straight but then I felt I was betraying my own soul and becoming a traitor to my self
So every morning when I look at myself in mirror I realized .itz not just me there a lot of people like me who just want the world
to see us with their heart
to feel us and realize our soul
to abandon the society’s real lies
And to finally let us live our real lives …..
Thank you…

i have a friend .who passed away recently because of the blaming .she(he) shared her sadness before leaving the i just shared it on her part.

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