Posted by Deepa Bhujbal
November 21, 2017

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What is jealousy? I might call it a feeling of inner or mental insecurity. Or is it a sarcastic feeling of showing oneself superior to others??? Maybe.

But that isn’t it, right? Everyone says to not be jealous, to not take any pressure and just try to be you. But to be your own self, you must know who you really are, which is very difficult to find if you’re insecure. But it’s also true that shadows don’t exist without light. It simply means shadows are the reason light seems to be bright. You know what? It should actually be your privilege that somebody is jealous of you. If they foul mouth you, don’t pay any attention because they’re just waiting for this chance. If you foul mouth them in return there would be no difference between them and you. You see, if there were no weird or bad people and only good people, the world would be really dumb and useless. So that is why the acknowledgment of jealous people is very important because many- a-times they are the reason the fire in you lit up. At the same time it is also necessary to not get involved in those issues as they will also give you a lot of trouble. The point I want to mention is that to channelize your anger or your depression in a good way. Heard of this famous saying? ‘Success is the biggest revenge’. So work hard and you must keep your mind on the right track. If there is any insecurity, it is necessary of your parents to know about it. It is also true that you must be independent, since for how long will your parents fight for you? So learn to take care of your stuff.

Let me tell you my experience. I am a table tennis player and my bat/racket is different from others. That’s the reason not many could understand my style of playing. Although I won, I always got criticized by some or the other person. They always thought that the reason I won was my bat, but they forgot to realize the effort I had to every time make to let them be puzzled about the way I play. I always received taunts that of course I always won due to my bat. They always got jealous. But it is also true that I had won and they had lost. They never talked nicely to me. Even if we were of the same club my opponent was guided against me which was very unfair although our coach told not to. They always put me aside, outside the group. It felt very alone. They also thought I was dumb until I got 90 % in my SSC boards(10th grade). I enjoyed the look on their faces. The weird fact about me was that I never played well when for practice daily. I always played better when I was not in practice and always won more matches at that time. So they got even more jealous. But sometimes I really enjoyed the look of their jealous faces. All this helped me realize how difficult it was to stay on the top and maintain your position there. This one time, when I got selected in the Maharashtra team for the inter-school nationals, they again made excuses that I had got an easy draw and they got difficult and all that. But they totally forgot that I was on the team and they were not. When I came back, I realized that these are just small fries after seeing the very friendly and superior culture of the nationals. All these experiences do not come for sale was my biggest realization. They helped me become headstrong to lot of extent and made me proud of myself.

So it depends on you how you take jealousy. I took it in a positive manner and overcame a lot of things. Even you can do that, but if you pay attention to all those taunts you might get depressed. So take and see ya

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