Just a Little

Posted by Sanjana Misra
November 18, 2017

NOTE: This post has been self-published by the author. Anyone can write on Youth Ki Awaaz.

My head is a little too round and it revolves around your thoughts
And my world is just small enough for you to fit in
My eyes shine a little more brighter
And I smile a little more deeper
When you stay with me.

It’d be a little more easier if I could say what I feel,
It could be easier if I could let go.
But if I do let go of you,
I’ll never learn a little more about you
Never feel a little more happier,
Just a little bit more than I am today.

I’m a little scared to know what you feel about me,
And a little too curious to hold my fire in
What remains unsaid is read between those lines,
Those lines that need a little more love and courage for me to dive in.

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