just another maths student ,who doesn’t want to get into an iIT.

Posted by Akriti Ghosh
November 18, 2017

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I grew up being a bright student , always had my name on the merit list . Life was smooth then . Time passed by and now i’m just a few months away from my 12th boards. My last school year . Well,I’m a shy person. I always had better ideas than others but never grabbed any opportunity to showcase those. And as we all know , the world is ruled by the extrovert opportunists. I was too bashful to interact with the teachers and develop a good bonding with them.What kept me going was friendship. I hereby claim to have the best friends one can ever have .The kind who’ll teach you how to dance at a party or who’ll just make you realize that it’s okay to bunk classes sometimes.I saw the gift of life in them. High school is more of a survival game than a normal schooling experience. It’s harder than we think it is.,especially when you are a science student. Every single student is caught up in a web of expectations, fear of failure and societal pressures. Some survive ,but others remain to be the victims of the system. Well , when I tell you about my being a maths student ,the very first thing that pops up in your mind is probably IIT ,isn’t it?  , So, let me tell you more about myself . I am a maths student because i need it for the sound production training, yes, i want to pursue music as my career. Because I was one among the merit list students in my 10th grade , I got shifted to the best section of the batch .And as it is a stereotypical thinking of a maths student to be preparing for getting into an IIT , I had to go through a lot of pressures for higher scores in school exams . I was used to it , and I knew that it was just for time being .I never wanted to reveal my ambitions to my academic teachers.So, getting used to it was the only option I had. But being with the people who really were preparing for  engineering entrances , their parents were spending tremendous amount of money just on their coaching classes , I realized one thing , that our Indian society and system runs on a dangerous cycle.This cycle has eaten up dreams and passions ,and ruined a lot of lives. It’s a helpless condition. And sometimes ,you have absolutely no one to tell to ,what’s happening with you . In my school years , I have come across around 10-15 high school suicide cases from my city’s best schools. We watch movies like 3 idiots ,we appreciate the idea of it , we show our admiration towards the real life person it’s based up on, and then we return to this killing cycle.It’s time that we start treating students as humans. India really needs to develop a better education system.


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